<% window.sitdown = [ "You sit down at your desk, and open up Photoshop.", "You open your sketchbook.", "You try working outside, under a shady tree.", "You spend all morning making extensive plans for a piece.", "You read Wikipedia for five hours, 'researching' your topic.", "You feel too full of emotions, get into bed and scroll through Twitter for two hours." ]; sitdowncurr = randomDiffElement(window.sitdown, sitdownlast); sitdownlast = sitdowncurr; %> <div class="buzz_wrapper"> <div class="text"> <p> <a class="small" href="http://callym.com">callym.com</a> <br/> <br/> <%= sitdowncurr %> <br/> <br/> [[You try to make work.]]</p> </div> </div><% window.try = [ "You try to make some work for five minutes, but have no inspiration.", "You start a project, get half-way through, think it's shit and delete it.", "You get stuck on the smallest detail of your planning, get burnt out and have to stop.", "What's even the point? Anything you do will be crap anyway.", "You feel sad for not being able to make anything, then get angry at yourself for being sad over something so small.", "You come up with the best idea, then realise you're too shit at art to ever do it any justice, and give up." ]; trycurr = randomDiffElement(window.try, trylast); trylast = trycurr; %> <div class="buzz_wrapper"> <div class="text"> <p> <a class="small" href="http://callym.com">callym.com</a> <br/> <br/> <%= trycurr %> <br/> <br/> [[You do something else for a while.]]</p> </div> </div><% window.dosomething = [ "You go have a coffee. Then another. You still have no energy.", "You go to sleep, you'll try again tomorrow.", "You start reading a book, get two pages in and you're suddenly hit with a wave of tiredness.", "You delete all your junk emails, pretend you've been productive, and call it a day.", "You read about ways the world could end, which makes you feel happier about how shit you are, but then you realise you still haven't done anything today.", "You consider drinking, but realise that you'd just become an emotional mess." ]; dosomethingcurr = randomDiffElement(window.dosomething, dosomethinglast); dosomethinglast = dosomethingcurr; %> <div class="buzz_wrapper"> <div class="text"> <p> <a class="small" href="http://callym.com">callym.com</a> <br/> <br/> <%= dosomethingcurr %> <br/> <br/> [[You sit down at your desk.]]</p> </div> </div>