story.characterNames = characterNames; CAL ARTS: +6 A small, clear box, with a swirling cloud of shimmering blue gas inside.
It is used to compile loose fragments of code and give them material form.
!story.isInInventory('compiler'); {{ story.putInInventory('compiler'); }} story.isInInventory('compiler') && story.canCompile; {{ story.doCompile(); }}
A small, silver key. !story.isInInventory('elevator_key'); {{ story.putInInventory('elevator_key'); }} A small, clear box, with a swirling cloud of shimmering blue gas inside.
It is used to compile loose fragments of code and give them material form.
!story.isInInventory('planner'); {{ story.putInInventory('planner'); }} {{? story.canReadPlanner === true }} {{ story.doReadPlanner(); }} {{??}} Each page is full of text, but there is so much that you cannot read any of it. {{?}}

You wake up, the full moon's light flooding through your window, curtains fluttering in the breeze.

You hear a high-pitched echo coming from your window, so you get out of bed & walk over to it.

A dolphin is waiting outside, it has a message for you.

Oh no, you have to come now! Something terrible has happened at the CalArts factory!

What's happened?

The artists, they've gone rogue!

You quickly pack your stuff, and leave.
The sun is shining brightly onto the island {{? typeof story.firstVisit === 'undefined' }} by the time you get there. You climb off the dolphin's back and onto the beach.

Thank-you for agreeing to help us. I think Callym is inside the factory, he'll be able to explain more.

{{ story.firstVisit = false; }} {{??}}.

{{?}} {{? story.isInInventory("compiler") }} {{??}} There is something shiny lying on the floor.

{{?}} The CalArts factory stands in the middle of the island, a tall witches tower pointing towards the sky, its glass sides slightly holographic in the sunlight. The door is slightly ajar.
{{ story.canCompile = true; story.doCompile = function() { story.showParagraph("getCallym"); }; }} Around the edges of the room are sheets of paper, they look like they were blown there from a big gust of wind.

There is a glass door to the left of the room, and next to the {{? story.isInInventory('elevator_key') }} elevator {{??}} elevator {{?}} at the right of the room is a set of emergency stairs.

The door to the island seems to have been blown open. You shake the box, and the gas inside starts glowing with an etheral energy. The code fragments that are floating around in the air start collecting together. A ghostly figure seems to be emerging from the cloud, & then there is a flash of light.

Thanks for saving me! I was trying a new thing and it just didn't work properly. Maybe we shouldn't be messing with the fabric of reality - or the internet!
I think the rest of the artists are still here somewhere, please help them!
Hey, take this token, it might help.

The fluorescent lights flicker overhead.
Next to a door halfway down the corridor is a sign on the wall.

Conference Room

The corridor turns right.

Turn back.
{{? !story.isInInventory('Ruth Spencer-Jolly') }} {{ story.canReadPlanner = true; story.doReadPlanner = function() { story.showParagraph("getRSJ"); }; }} You find yourself on a small ledge, the floor has fallen away from reality, and you almost fall into a void.
Looking up, the ceiling has also ceased to exist, and a spinning loading bar casts a sickly light into the room.
In the middle of the room, there is a round conference table, with hundreds of ghost chairs floating around in a sphere. You notice shadows moving around on the walls, hundreds of loading bars that never fill up to the end.

Floating above the table is Ruth Spencer-Jolly, furiously typing away. {{??}} The room contains a round table, with eight chairs around it.
Ruth Spencer-Jolly is working on her laptop. {{?}}
Exit The words float off the page, and when each one touches a shadowy loading bar, it fills to completion. Eventually, the shadows all disappear, and when they do so, the planner itself flies out of your hands, into the center of the spinning bar in the ceiling. When it touches it, the ceiling and floor pop back into existence, the tables and chairs float back into place, and the diary calmly floats down, landing next to Ruth Spencer-Jolly's laptop.

She looks up at you.

Arrgh, that was hell! I just couldn't make any progress as much as I could try!
Thank-you so much for helping me! Take this as a token of my gratitude.

The corridor is a dead end, but on the floor is a small key.

Turn back.
There is a row of buttons on the panel, however most of them are turned off, except for B and 15.

The room is dark, apart from for a large neon sign.


The room is full with a thick, pale pink mist. There is a table which contains a glass bowl full with pink fluff, and next to it is a planner. In the corner is a cauldron of thick, bubbling gunge. Turn back. {{ story.showParagraph("getLu"); }} You throw the pink fluff into the cauldron, and a big puff of glitter comes out.

When the glitter settles, Lu is standing in front of you.

Thanks mate! I was just melting some stuff and I don't know what happened. Hey, take this gunk.