Summer 2016

trying to explain the concept of tides in emotional energy (the regular flowing of good to bad, happy to unhappy, wanted to unwanted) using extracts from an ongoing tarot diary, definitions of words taken out of context, and a space designed to feel both teen-bedroom comfort, and mystic sci-fi unease.

the wooden table hides a capacitive sensor, which when triggered by the audience holding their hands over its surface, lights up the room to (un)reveal sections of text.

…and as the tug of your gravity grows

why do you assume it’s me that’s weakening,
when it’s you that’s drifting away?

does it really matter who’s to blame, when
for you it’ll always be me, and for me, you?
the net effect is the same, and after all this
fighting, the friction between us

you’re moving too fast for me

moving too fast in a cycle that’s going to
leave me at the same beginning?